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Terms and Conditions for

Greetingfor you visiting website. This website makes availabletraveling related services for use to customers. The use of the website iscontrolled by these conditions. If you don't agree to these Terms andConditions, you will not have the opportunity to work on this website also not ableto make any travel bookings with us. Keep going through this page to review anychanges. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Byconsenting to these Terms & Conditions, you agree that you–

•          must be 18 years of age.

•          must have the legal authority toproduce a legally binding obligation

•          must find a use for this website forlegal purposes

•          All the data supplied is exact andintact.

We havethe legal right to refuse any customers' admission to our website if they’refound breaching the terms and conditions.

We’repledged to customer satisfaction, so if our consumer has any complicationconcerning our website or misconduct of rules from our staff, freely contactour support website, we will surely resolve your issues. You can formally demandto us and if your matter is not resolved within 60 days.

DreamLyners.comoffers cheap fare on air ticket options. We arrange these fares mainly for ourcommon clients.

The faresstated on this website cannot be changed. They are subject to certain restrictions.These charges cannot be refunded or transferred. These given fares are ultimateand final.

The timeyou make bookings from the DreamLyners website, the clearances are made in thename of the firm. The laws having authority regarding the payments will beestablished on the laws of India.

The dataand voluntary services proffered on our website may contain wrong, inaccuratedata of fares. We do not take a warranty on any precision of charges mentionedon DreamLyners.

We lovehearing from you. Please tell your experiences in our mail section. We have noissue with you posting in comments on our website. All your comments arevaluable. You will be held responsible for any comment that you write. You mustnot post any indecent content that violates the rights of publicity.

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